Thursday, April 24, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore

( Part I )

Universal Studios Singapore is the place you wouldn't want to miss when you're in Singapore. Opened in March 2010, it has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Singapore and in South East Asia. It is one of the only four Universal Studios amusement parks around the world - with the other three located in Orlando and Hollywood (both in the US) and in Japan - making it the nearest to South East Asian countries like the Philippines. Universal Studios boasts of its advanced rides, shows and attractions based on blockbuster movies like Transformers, Shrek, Madagascar and Jurassic Park.
Of course, who would want to miss this place when it is just a bus away from home? Definitely not me! So we went here last November 2013!

We arrived at Universal Studios Singapore (or USS) via Vivo City. From there, there are several options to get to USS - by foot, by bus or by Sentosa Express. We chose to just walk since Sentosa Express train costs $4 and hey, walking is good for the body! USS is around 500 meters away from Vivo City but there are walkalators along the way so we did not find it as a problem. Finally, we were able to get to the entrance of USS where the famous Universal Studios Globe lies. Hooray!

We made sure that we grab a map before starting to explore USS since it helps to plan which places to go next. They can be found at the ticketing booth and at the entrance. They also have an interactive map here.

USS is divided into seven main zones namely Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar (in a counter-clockwise direction from the entrance). We decided that we should skip Hollywood and New York first and immediately head to Sci-Fi City. This is probably the best route, at least for me, that we could take and I will explain later why. 

Sci-Fi City

Welcome to the city of the future! Here is where we experienced the blockbuster hit Transformers! I was looking forward to this zone because of the Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. The queue is usually long in this ride that's why we decided to head here first while we still have our 100% energy for the day. We went here on a weekday but we still spent more or less 45 minutes on the queue! How much more if it's on a weekend or on a holiday! Anyway, the waiting area made me feel like I was really in the Transformers' headquarter! It was very well-decorated! There's a lot of interesting and realistic Transformer stuff inside as we go through the queue that kept us entertained while waiting.

Entrance to the waiting area.

Isn't it cool?

Hello there, Bumblebee!
The ride was simply awesome! We were tasked to save the world by making sure to take the AllSpark into safety as the evil Decepticons tried to steal it when they invaded the NEST headquarters! The fun started as we experienced a lot of bumps, rocks , jolts and intense swaying as we race through the city where Transformers and Decepticons battle out on the streets. It was so thrilling that I want to try it again if it weren't for the long queue! It was definitely worth the wait since it was very unique and exciting! It is indeed a hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride!  

Next ride, the Accelerator! There's not so much to look forward to in this ride as I find it boring. I expected the cups to spin rapidly but it didn't.

The Accelerator!
The ride which I badly wanted to try is the Battlestar Galactica since roller coasters are the ones I always look forward to when going to amusement parks. I told myself that if the Battlestar Galactica opens again, I'll visit USS once more to experience it. However, I read from an article last month that it will be permanently closed and will be replaced with a new attraction. I was disappointed but safety is the priority so I'll just wait for the replacement!

Tracks of the Battlestar Galactica.

Ancient Egypt

Our next stop was Ancient Egypt! If Sci-Fi City brought us to the future, Ancient Egypt transported us back to 1930's Egypt! We were welcomed by the towering Egyptian statues that we could easily see even from Sci-Fi City! They were so huge that I wondered how long did it take to finish them. However, I noticed that one statue already shows wear and tear at the center and I was afraid it might fall off anytime. 

As we entered more, it felt like I was indeed in Egypt because of the structures that were clearly made with effort and details that it looks so ancient. 
Oasis Spice Cafe in Ancient Egypt.
Souvenir booth. 
The heavily-guarded entrance to Revenge of the Mummy!
A closer look!
Before proceeding with the rides, we left our camera in the locker that's why I wasn't able to take pictures. Too bad!

Anyway, the first ride that we tried was the Revenge of the Mummy. I didn't know what this ride's all about. The waiting area was a long path and it was dark inside. It feels like we're walking inside a pyramid and it actually gave me the creeps because of the darkness, the chilly wind, the creepy background music and the creepy displays. So, I expected that it was like a horror house/ride. To my surprise, it is an indoor roller coaster ride! Warning: This is definitely not for the faint-hearted! It was so exhilarating and nerve-wrecking! This is a lot different from the typical roller coaster because the complete darkness won't give you any hint if you're going to fall rapidly, turn sharply or  who knows what! I can clearly remember shouting my heart out because I felt like I couldn't get out alive. Oh, and let's add the flaming hot fireballs and scary mummies! It was so scary yet I wanted to experience it again!

Treasure Hunters was our next ride. We rode on a "vintage" motor car and drove around slowly, traversing a seemingly abandoned excavation site.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed because we queued for around 30 long minutes for a ride that's a bit boring. Nothing special to look out for. But still, it was a good way to calm us down from the previous ride. In addition, we were on the same car with a very cute little girl who enjoyed the ride and the view so much so it's still a good experience. Kids will definitely enjoy this.

Right after we hopped off, we heard an announcement that the Water World show was about to start. Perfect timing it was! Off we go then! 

The Lost World

This zone is divided into two themed areas: Jurassic Park and Water World. Since the show Water World was about to start, we immediately headed there.

Water World is a blockbuster film shown in 1995. I personally haven't watched the movie yet so I did a little research and found out that the movie was about the future when most of the Earth is underwater after the polar ice caps have already melted (probably due to global warming). The story then revolves around a mariner who fights starvation and outlaws the bad guys, and then later on hesitantly helping two woman to find a dry land.

This is more or less the same story of this live action water show with lots of death-defying stunts and water and fire explosions! Before the show started, the casts even interacted with the audience first. I was very entertained and amazed by this show as it involves lots of fist fights, gun shots, falling to the water, gliding through the ropes and many more! This is my first time to see an action-packed show like this! The casts must have been practicing and doing this for months to be able to perfect the show! 

Entrance to the Water World.
Just before the commotion. 
Yes, that's a boat and a "machine gun"!
Look closely! There's a man hanging upside down!
At the end of the show, we were also able to take a picture with the casts! 

Before we explored the Jurassic Park, we decided to refuel ourselves with a quick lunch at the Fossil Fuels first. We had these tasty hotdogs and refreshing frozen drink for S$30! Quite expensive, right? I think all restaurants inside USS are all expensive but we've got no choice as outside food and beverages are not allowed.

After we satisfied our hunger, we immediately went to another area in The Lost World which is the Jurassic Park. These area includes three rides: Canopy Flyer, Dino-soarin' and Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures.

The first ride that we tried was the Canopy Flyer. I was quite skeptical about this ride at first since it didn't look thrilling for me yet the queue was too long. I think it took us around 30 to 40 minutes. We boarded on a "flying" vehicle which carries four people back to back with our feet hanging in the air. Luckily, we were seated at the front side since I felt like it is a much better position. Then surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the ride! It was a bit scary at first because it's a little bit high and it moves fast enough but then I started to enjoy the view and the wind! The ride was too short though, like less than a minute, leaving me (and I'm sure the others as well) craving for more! I wasn't able to take pictures in this ride though.

Dino-soarin' is just next to Canopy Flyer. We opted not to try this one as it definitely looks it's for kids. I assume the dinosaur cars will go up and down as it revolves. The dinosaur cars look cute though.

The last ride that we tried was the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures. I wasn't able to take any pictures because we left the camera again inside the lockers because well, we don't want to get it wet. Anway, I got pretty excited because I've already tried this kind of ride before. Aside from the thrill of your circular raft being dropped and tossed around, the thought of whether you'll end up soaking wet or not after the ride is also exciting! So, we decided not to wear ponchos (which can be easily bought from the vending machines within the rides premises) and we have change of clothes anyway! This ride was absolutely enjoyable for me! There were dinosaurs animatronics, which looks pretty real, as we go along the way. In addition, allthough I wasn't expecting intense drops and turns, I was surprised once when we just found our raft suddenly sliding! We really didn't see that coming! I really enjoyed this ride. However, too bad I was almost dry after the ride! Haha!

Riding The Movies
@Universal Studios Singapore
( Part II)

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269 (How to get here?)
Opening Hours: 10:00am to 07:00pm
Website: Universal Studios Singapore
Ticket Price Overview:
                   S$74 (adult: 13 to 59 years old)
                   S$54 (children: 4 to 12 years old)
                   S$36 (senior citizen: 60 years old and above)


  1. Looks like fun! I will make sure to go to Universal Studios if I find myself in Singapore.

    1. Hi, Mustachio!

      Yes, it's definitely a fun experience to visit Universal Studios! It's one place you shouldn't miss here! I'd like to see your blog posts when you come here in Singapore! :)