Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Supertree Grove

@Gardens By The Bay

Singapore is indeed a small city-state. But despite this, you will not run out of wonderful places that you’d surely like to visit. One of these is the Gardens By The Bay. It is one of the most famous places tourists usually visit when they come in Singapore. The concept is just pretty simple – gardens within the city. When we went here last September to practice photography (but it turned out that we’re really not yet good at it! Haha!), I didn’t do a research first so all I know was that it is a garden with those huge “trees” that I always see from the highway. Little did I know that there’s a lot more than that. Gardens By The Bay is comprised of several attractions: Flower Dome, Supertree Grove (where we went), Cloud ForestHeritage GardenDragonfly & Kingfisher LakesBay East Garden, World of Plants, Far East Organization Children’s Garden and Sun Pavilion. Some can be accessed free of charge but others have entrance fees.
We got here easily by bus by alighting at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Bayfront Avenue. From there, there's a lot of signs on how to get to Gardens By The Bay so fortunately we didn't get lost! But be sure to make yourself ready because it involves a lot of walking to get there! We first passed by a garden-inspired bridge with a good view of the highway, the famous MBS hotel and the Singapore flyer.
Gardens By The Bay
Then, we had to go through MBS hotel. Inside, we saw a huge display which happens to be an artificial rock. I didn’t know what it is until I zoomed in the picture just now to see the label. Haha! I haven’t checked in in the MBS hotel yet so it’s a good thing I saw what’s it like inside.
DSC_0155(edited)As soon as we came out from MBS hotel, we immediately saw the towering “supertrees”! These supertrees are 25-50 meters in height that they will not go unnoticed even from afar! They somehow remind me of the trees in the movie Avatar! They might not look that wonderful in the day, but wait till the evening as they come alive as they light up at night!
DSC_0166 - (edited)We also passed by this well-decorated bridge along the river. As I told you before, going to Supertree Grove involves a lot of walking! So near and yet so far!
On our way, we saw a lot of spots to take good pictures. There’s also a lot of places where we can sit so somehow it lessened the exhaustion from walking. In addition, the scenic views were so relaxing because we were able to see luscious plants, flowers and trees anywhere we looked at!
Gardens By The BayWe must have enjoyed taking pictures a lot that we didn’t notice that the sun had gone down already by the time we arrived at the Supertree Grove. But it is actually the perfect timing as the supertrees were lit up already! We just watched from below how these trees changed its light from time to time. It’s a pity that we’re not able to go up the OCBC Skyway, a long walkway connecting supertrees at a height of 22 meters! It must have a magnificent view up there!
DSC_0296DSC_0299(edited)Although there’s a lot that we missed in our first time in Gardens By The Bay, it is still a good and relaxing experience. Singapore is a city where trees can be seen anywhere so I'm not surprised that there exists a beautiful garden like this in the center of the city. How I wish Philippines had something like this in Manila. Definitely a wishful thinking, right? Anyway, I will surely visit the other gardens next time! 


Official Website: Gardens By The Bay
Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive
Opening Hours:
          05:00am to 02:00am daily (Supertree Grove)
          09:00am to 09:00pm daily (OCBC Skyway)
Admission Fee:
          Free of charge (Supertree Grove)
          S$5 - Adult | S$5 - Senior Citizen | S$3 - Child (OCBC Skyway)



  1. having gardens in a bustling metropolis - you gotta love singapore.


    1. Hi, halfwhiteboy!

      Yes! It is actually one of the things I like in Singapore. They have lots of awesome parks and gardens here that you'll surely love! :)

  2. We're planning to go there and checking some attractions but we only have 1 whole day to spend on that place. So we carefully selecting our choices when we are there. Do you have any recommendations???