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China Town

China Town
More often than not, you’ll always find China Towns whenever you travel to different countries. According to my research (please correct me if I’m wrong), there are 30 China Towns all over Asia, Europe and America! Of course, Singapore is not an exception. I haven’t been to Binondo in Manila yet, the oldest of all China Towns around the world, so I wanted to experience it here in Singapore. We went here on the third week of January to buy pasalubong before going back to Philippines for a short vacation. It was also just in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year so I was expecting a very lively China Town!
We took a bus to get here for a more convenient ride but it can also be reached by taking a train and getting off at China Town station. After alighting, we already saw this huge horse at the middle of the street! 
China TownBut wait, there’s more! This lights up at night!
There are three major streets where hundreds of stalls are located: Mosque Street, Temple Street and Smith Street. We first walked through Mosque Street. We were immediately welcomed by the colorful Chinese decorations hanging in the establishments and in the streets.
China Town
China TownOne of the busy streets of China Town.This is what most of the buildings look like in China Town. Beautiful, isn’t it?
All the stalls offer different kinds of items. From Chinese decors, horse stuffed toys, colorful vases and figurines, and many more! There’s also a vast selection of food – from different kind of peanuts, mini-packed mochi and jellies, Chinese breads, mushrooms, Nori pads, dried goods and a whole lot more! What’s best is that they offer free tastes of their products! So we just grabbed what we were offered as we walk along and it lessened our hunger!
Name painting at its finest!
Cute horse stuffed toy!
Photo 13-1-14 16 06 31
The only thing I was disappointed at was there were no food stalls opened yet when we visited! I was expecting that there’s a lot of restaurants which offer authentic Chinese cuisines. I was actually craving for dim sum and Chinese noodles that time! However, I just found out from the Internet that Smith Street transforms into food street at night at around 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Too bad we weren’t able to try it! Oh well, there’s always a next time! So we ended up eating these grilled giant squid and prawns which can be bought in the streets as well to satisfy our hunger! The squid was so delicious! I wanted to buy another one if it weren’t for the price ($6 each!). 
Photo 13-1-14 16 45 56
We also passed by the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum at the end of Smith Street. I was astonished how high and picturesque this temple is! This is something I only see in Chinese movies before. I actually wanted to take a look on what’s inside! I am not sure though if it's open for public or not.
On our way home, the decorations were already lit up and it just adds more life to the ambiance of the place! I think it would really be best to allot your whole afternoon until late night to fully experience China Town!
Lots of flying horses hanging along the streets!
This giant horse seems to be on a race with the vehicles passing through the road.
Walking through China Town is tiring yet so fun! I will probably go back here next time when my stomach craves for Chinese cuisines!

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